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About Climate Neutral Certification

Wherever you see the Climate Neutral Certified label, it means the company is accountable for its greenhouse gas emissions. To earn the label, a company must annually measure cradle-to-customer emissions, implement specific action plans to reduce emissions, and invest in high quality, verified carbon credits.

The certification requirements are detailed in the rigorous, peer-reviewed Climate Neutral Certified Standard. Each company’s application is reviewed for compliance by Change Climate’s certification team.

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Alchemy Bali's emissions inventory uses financial estimates based on spending data. Alchemy Bali attests to the accuracy of their data inputs and the Change Climate team reviews the submission for compliance with our Standard.

306 tCO2e

Roughly equal to driving 68 gas-powered cars for one year

0.1 kgCO2e per $M in revenue

Emissions intensity


Reduction Plans

Alchemy Bali has adopted near-term action plans to reduce GHG emissions within the next 12-24 months.


Source of emissions

Raw materials


Implement a low carbon sourcing/purchasing policy to Re-evaluate our existing suppliers and make necessary amends to move to a low carbon su more


Newly set

Complete By

Q3 2024


Scope 3

Source of emissions

Energy at offices or controlled facilities


Conduct an energy audit and implement energy conservation measures in Ubud and Uluwatu restaurants.


Newly set

Complete By

Q4 2024


Scope 1



Alchemy Bali addressed last year’s emissions by buying and retiring an equal amount of high quality, verified carbon and clean energy credits.

Emissions accounted for

306 tCO2e

Roughly equal to keeping 342,720 pounds of carbon in the ground

Total investment


Project types

Avoid deforestation


Avoid deforestation


Projects that reduce the risk of deforestation in important forest ecosystems.

At Alchemy, our mission is to transform people, the planet, and the community around us by starting with ourselves. We believe that by caring for our health and well-being, we can create a better world for others. Through our delicious plant-based food, traditional yoga practices, and signature health services, we provide access, inspiration, and guidance. Our offerings are designed to cleanse, heal, and revitalize, allowing individuals to reconnect with themselves and experience the vibrant energy of being alive. Our commitment to sourcing local and ethical ingredients allows us to be the change and contribute to making the world a little bit better with every visit to Alchemy.


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