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About Climate Neutral Certification

Wherever you see the Climate Neutral Certified label, it means the company is accountable for its greenhouse gas emissions. To earn the label, a company must annually measure cradle-to-customer emissions, implement specific action plans to reduce emissions, and invest in high quality, verified carbon credits.

The certification requirements are detailed in the rigorous, peer-reviewed Climate Neutral Certified Standard. Each company’s application is reviewed for compliance by Change Climate’s certification team.

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Natural Learning Northwest's emissions inventory uses financial estimates based on spending data. Natural Learning Northwest attests to the accuracy of their data inputs and the Change Climate team reviews the submission for compliance with our Standard.

4 tCO2e

Roughly equal to using 184 propane cylinders for home BBQs


Reduction Plans

Natural Learning Northwest has adopted near-term action plans to reduce GHG emissions within the next 12-24 months.


Source of emissions

Energy at offices or controlled facilities


Install onsite a small mobile solar panel + small battery bank to power the energy use in recharging our field electronics (Cameras, phones, more


In progress

Complete By

Q2 2024


Scope 1


Source of emissions

Business travel


Reduce flight-based business travel for employees by incentivizing remote/virtual meetings + traveling via lower emission options when possi more



Complete By

Q2 2023


Scope 3



Natural Learning Northwest addressed last year’s emissions by buying and retiring an equal amount of high quality, verified carbon and clean energy credits.

Emissions accounted for

3 tCO2e

Roughly equal to keeping 3,360 pounds of carbon in the ground

Total investment


Project types

Avoid deforestation


Avoid deforestation


Projects that reduce the risk of deforestation in important forest ecosystems.

Our programs are 100% outdoors in wild forests, so without sustainability we wouldn't have our "outdoor classrooms" for generations to come! So far we are a 1% For The Planet member and have donated to 11 environmental nonprofits in our region. We are also working to reforest & restore our land by interplanting at least 40 native plants each year with our classes. By becoming Climate Neutral Certified, we will have visual accountability to our community + all of the other brands who have undergone the process before us. Showing that it's possible no matter the size or purpose of the organization, to reduce emissions today and put plans in place for future work.


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